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Since its foundation in 1984 TERMAR has been successfully providing the industry with carefully selected services, materials, components and machinery as an Exclusive Sales Agent for specialized manufacturing companies well-known for their reliability and for their high quality standards.

Our commitment is to work together with our customers to help solve their particular problems and not merely to sell our products. We are convinced that a reliable partnership with TERMAR will help our customers to receive more value for their investment of both time and money.

Due to our commitment of partnering for their success, we serve more than 250 customers in over 80 countries world-wide with products supplied by TERMAR with their full satisfaction.

We supply the following industries:

Lead-acid battery industry

Aluminium extrusion industry

Textile industry

Food industry

In addition, TERMAR’s commitment to the environment is real and consistent. We and the companies we represent design, engineer, manufacture and market our products in compliance with environmentally-stringent laws. We recycle as much and as many of our materials as possible doing our best to preserve where we live.

General Manager

Termar s.r.l.
Via Anfossi, 14 - 20135 Milano (Italy)
Tel: +39-02-55182013 - Fax: +39-02-55182693
e-mail: termar@termar.it

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